08/31/15’s Buys and Sells Alert at 08:15PST

This is like TWO of my normal positions because it is a $90 stock. For my portfolio size that’s too much. I’d need a base of about $200,000 for it to make sense. Wish that splits would come back into vogue. Expensive stocks don’t matter for the big guy, but the little guy has trouble trying to keep diversified.

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Previous Close 199.28 166.33
Current Price 197.45 164.72
Day Low 197.01 164.32
% Chg from Prev Close -1.14% -1.21%
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UTX 90.00 2015-08-31 92.03 – – – – – – – – Bought

This is really a CSP on UTX at the 90 strike.