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TtP-S Web Buy Day Alerter  This self updating module (every 2 minutes) watches the market to alert you of a switch to a Buy Day, i.e., when the SPY is down 0.5%. It also turns yellow when the -.4% is crossed, then green when -0.5 is breached. Other columns show you the data (yesterday's close, the SPY target, etc.). Designed to be on-screen during market hours.
TtP-S BBT Data Table  An automatically updated table with 21 columns of data describing the current BBT set. The current price and Relative Strength Indicator (RSI2) are updated every 15 minutes.
TtP-S Trade Support  A compact/subsetted version of the BBT Data Table. It is intended to provide support during the purchase decision side of the trade. Sorted in RSI2 order with more buyables near the top. Last Trade Price is updated every time you refresh your browser. RSI is updated about every 15 minutes during market hours (buy you will need to refresh your browser to get the latest RSI data.).
TtP-S Alert Service  The automated Alerts are are email based announcements. You can select from among them, and the frequency with which you would like to receive them. It is also easy to change your selections, or cancel any or all of them.
SU/BBT Analysis  Here is a link to a web browser accessible filter/spreadsheet. (you do NOT need to have a spreadsheet program to access!) It can also be downloaded into excel from this link. You will find the settings that I refer to as standard analysis or tight analysis at the bottom of the sheet. The data will often be somewhat aged because I have not automated the process of its update yet, but will give you an idea of how we end up with a BBT list.
Is the Market Open?  Links to a web site that (presumably) reliably tells of market openness.

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