07/31/13’s Buys and Sells Alert at 07:45PST

Total of FIFTEEN (15) Positions Sold in July.

TtP-S Alerts will be “occasional” in August, as I’ll be traveling without Internet Access. When it IS available, reporting will be as normal.

TtP-S As of: 07/31/13 07:45 TtP-S Alert Display Format 2 Version 2.1
Moderator Message (if any): Today’s Buys & Sells. Fixed Annualized RoI %. Pete A SPY DIA
Previous Close 168.59 154.91
Current Price 169.09 155.42
Day Low 168.91 154.87
% Chg from Prev Close 0.19% -0.03%
NOT a Buy Day
(Based on low of the day)
Today’s Buys/Sells
Ticker Buy Price Buy Date Profit Target Sell Price Sell Date Profit Percent Annualized RoI % Current Position
TGH 34.32 2013-07-25 35.53 35.53 2013-07-31 3.48% 211.66% Sold