12/09/15’s Buys and Sells Alert at 13:05PST

This is a normal TtP-S trade…except that I executed it by BUYING WMB instead of CSP because the dividend was near and I wanted to capture it. Got the div, and unusually, the stock jumped to my PT. Good luck beats magic indicators and technical…

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TtP-S As of: 10/22/15 13:39 TtP-S Alert Display Format 2 Version 2.1
Moderator Message (if any): Today’s Buys & Sells. SPY DIA
Previous Close 206.95 175.77
Current Price 205.48 175.12
Day Low 204.18 174.08
Pete A % Chg from Prev Close -1.34% -0.96%
Buy Day!
(Based on low of the day)
Ticker Buy Price Buy Date Profit Target Sell Price Sell Date Profit Percent Annualized RoI % Current Position
WMB 27.55 2015-12-07 29.00 29.14 2015-12-09 5.70% 1,040.40% Sold