12/04/15’s Buys and Sells Alert at 12:41PST

Why would I do this? See clip below…in a nutshell, much of the profit in a short time. 57% of possible profit in 35% of time. Only 15.5% ACashFlow possible in remaining time.

Two CC expirations expected. NUS and STX. Current Positions at end.

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TtP-S As of: 10/22/15 13:39 TtP-S Alert Display Format 2 Version 2.1
Moderator Message (if any): Today’s Buys & Sells. SPY DIA
Previous Close 205.61 174.83
Current Price 209.89 178.54
Day Low 205.93 175.14
Pete A % Chg from Prev Close 0.16% 0.18%
NOT a Buy Day
(Based on low of the day)
Ticker Buy Price Buy Date Profit Target Sell Price Sell Date Profit Percent Annualized RoI % Current Position
MS 34.00 2015-11-13 35.02 34.00 2015-12-04 -0.06% 40.49% Sold

Current Positions: